• P17OP325 Chris's Sweets Factory Onepiece Dress

    Alice and the Pirates

  • Colors: 
    ☆ Dark pink×Brown other fabric×Brown lace×Pink pompon braid×Brown satin ribbon×Pink dot ribbon
    ☆ Mint×Brown other fabric×Brown lace×Mint pompon braid×Brown satin ribbon×Brown/Mint dot ribbon
    ☆ Red×Black other fabric×Brown lace×Black pompon braid×Brown satin ribbon×Black/Brown dot ribbon
     Purple×Orange other fabric×Brown lace×Brown pompon braid×Brown satin ribbon×Brown/Beige dot ribbon
     Black×Dark brown other fabric×Brown lace×Brown pompon braid×Dark brown satin ribbon×Black/Brown dot ribbon

    [Outer material] Cotton 100%
    [Other material] Cotton broad 100%
    [Lining] Polyester 100%

    Length: 96cm (37.79inch)
    Bust: 95cm (37.40inch)
    Shoulder: 36cm (14.17inch)
    Length of sleeves: 33cm (12.99inch)

    (!) Please note that the pattern on each item will vary. The pattern may differ from the product shown in the photo. Please be forewarned.
  • $324.00

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