• B46BL413 Best Wishes Sailor Collar Blouse

    BABY, the Stars Shine Bright San Francisco

  •  Colors: 
    ☆ White×White collar/cuffs×White lace×White tape×White logo ribbon
    ☆ White×Pink collar/cuffs×White lace×Saxe blue tape×Saxe blue logo ribbon
    ☆ White×Red collar/cuffs×White lace×White/Red tape×Red logo ribbon
    ☆ White×Navy collar/cuffs×White lace×Red tape×Red logo ribbon
    ☆ White×Black collar/cuffs×White lace×White/Black tape×Black logo ribbon
    ☆ Black×Black collar/cuffs×Black lace×Black tape×Black logo ribbon

    [Outer material] Cotton broad 100%
    [Lining] Cotton broad 100%

    Length: 55cm (21.65inch)
    Bust: 88cm (34.64inch)
    Waist: 71cm (27.95inch)
    Shoulder: 34cm (13.38inch)
    Length of sleeves: 60cm (23.62inch)

  • $156.00

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