Reservation policy for new items from the San Francisco online store:
Please note the following:
Items from different series on reservation can be ordered together in a single transaction, but there may be a delay when shipping your order. We cannot combine multiple reservation orders together for hold or free shipping. We also cannot accept orders that consist of reservation items and items currently available on the website - orders of this kind will be cancelled and refunded. Please place separate orders for items that are available in-store and reservation items. Items purchased or reserved via the online store can be picked up at the San Francisco store. The San Francisco store may receive reservation items 4-6 weeks after items arrive in stores in Japan. Please order directly from the Japanese online shop to receive faster order processing. Please contact us immediately if your shipping address changes. Once an order has been shipped, we are unable to change the address.
You can make reservations for new items on this page using the shopping cart system. Please do not email us orders for reservation items. If you send us an email, you will receive a reply directing you to the online store. Items no longer listed in the reservation section cannot be reserved. However, you can place special orders for items that are available on the Japanese online store. Please send emails to There is a window of time between when an item is taken down from the reservation page and placed into the regular shopping section. Please check often for stock updates. All reservations made from the San Francisco online store will be shipped from our San Francisco location. 
Once you make a reservation, your order will sent to our Japan office for confirmation. There are cases where your item may be sold out between the time we place your order and when it is processed by Japan. If your item is no longer available, you will be promptly refunded for the item price and additional shipping costs. Please save all correspondence emails in your account until you have received your order.
If you do not receive an automated order confirmation email, please email as soon as possible. (There have been instances where the order was not fully completed. Please contact us if you have any problems whatsoever). Please use PAYPAL for your payment. We cannot accept other payment methods at this time. Once we have confirmed that the payment has been received, the reservation will be completed. 
Please think carefully before making a reservation. Once the reservation is made, you will not be allowed to cancel. If you cancel your order, you may be barred from making future reservations. Please keep this in mind before making your reservation.
Thank you for understanding the guidelines listed above before placing your order.