Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there items in the store that are not available on the website?

A: The stock in our online store is exactly the same as the stock in our physical store, not including reservations.  However, it may take several days to update our online store after a new shipment.

Q: Do you accept returns or exchanges?

A: We will only accept a return or exchange if an item is in defective condition, or if the stock information was not accurate.  We do NOT accept returns or exchanges under any other circumstances.  Thank you for understanding.

Q: Can you order items from the Japanese website?

A: Yes, we can order any item that is still available (i.e. can be placed into the shopping cart). Please read our Special Orders page for details on how to place an order for items on the Japanese website. We also take reservations through our online store.

Q: Can you order an item that is out of stock on the Japanese website?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot place an order for items that have already sold out. If you are an in-store customer, however, you may fill out a form in person to request a store search for an item that has sold out. Please read the rules for in-store special orders at the bottom of the linked page. We cannot reserve any items that have sold out on reservation.

Q: Can you order outlet/limited/Disney items from the Japanese website?

A: We cannot special order outlet or limited items, so please order directly from the Japanese website. Disney collaboration items are limited to sale within Japan only and cannot be purchased from overseas.

Q: Can I purchase an item online and pick it up in the store?

A: Yes, just select the "local pick up" option when you check out, and we will keep the item for you until you are able to pick it up at the store.

Q: Do online orders qualify for stamps for the stamp card?

A: Online orders only qualify for stamps if they are picked up in-store; online orders that are shipped out, regardless of location, do not qualify for stamps. Policies regarding the stamp card are the same online as in-store.

Q: Do you ship worldwide?

A: Baby SF is only able to ship within the US and Canada.  The Japanese online store ships worldwide, so please order directly through them. Please read their instructions for Overseas Orders and How to use the shopping cart before making your purchase.

Q: Do you ship umbrellas?

A: We do ship umbrellas, but they must be purchased separately from other items, since umbrellas are shipped individually.

Q: Can you answer a question I have about an order I made through the Japanese online store?

A: Sorry, we operate separately from the Japanese online store and cannot answer any inquiries about your order.

Q: I received a small partial refund on my order. Does this mean my order was cancelled?

A: No, receiving a small partial refund without any email notification is a result of overcharging for the shipping. BABY SF will always send an email notification for any cancelled items, price errors, or orders.

If you have a question that was not answered on this page, please use the contact form below to send us an inquiry. We may add your question to this page in the future.