Fulfillment Status

 STATUS UPDATED: October 19th, 2022 (WED)

★ ★ ★  ETA is for product arrival time, NOT the estimated shipping time for when orders will be shipped out.
★ ★ ★  Please allow up to《 three weeks 》after the arrival time for your lottery reservation to be shipped out.

Future inquiries regarding shipment status will be directed to this page for most recent shipping progress.

Online Orders:

  • Orders placed before October 4th, 2022 (not including reservations or special orders) have been shipped.
  • Please check your email for tracking information. If you did not receive one, please email: order@baby-aatp.com or reply to your order confirmation email.
  • We highly recommend creating a customer account to track your online order.

Reservation Series:


The following series have been shipped. Please check your email or log in to your customer account to confirm tracking information.

【2nd release】Fallin' Ribbon [PARTIAL] [blog] (ETA: Mid-June ~ Early July 2022)

【2nd release】BABY Classical Series - November 2021 / Scallop Hem Jumperskirt [blog] (ETA: June 2022)

Sweet Gingham Doll [blog] (ETA: Mid-to-late April 2022)
Fluffy Cream Princess [blog] (ETA: Beginning ~ Middle of May 2022)
Shining of Star and Light of Hope~Twinkle Princess & Prince~ [blog] (ETA: Middle ~ End of May 2022)
Airy Tiny Check [blog] (ETA: Early to Mid-July 2022)

Ribbon Ribbon Sailor [blog] (ETA: Late June to Early July 2022)
BABY Classical Series - May 2022 [blog] (ETA: Late June to Early July 2022)
Black Rose Fantasia [blog] (ETA: July 2022)


The following series are currently being sorted by customer order, and will be sent out in the order received. Our shipments are processed manually to ensure accuracy. This may take up to 3 weeks due to the volume of orders we receive for each reservation series.

【2ND RELEASE】Usakumya Rucksack [blog] (ETA: Late October 2022)


【2ND RELEASE】Shining of Star and Light of Hope~Twinkle Princess & Prince~ [blog] (ETA: Late August 2022)
BABY Classical Series April 2022 [blog] (ETA: Beginning ~ Middle June 2022
★ B46JS228 ETA: Middle of July 2022)

【2ND RELEASE】Milky Gingham Doll [blog] (ETA: September 2022)

【2nd release】Cream Doll Princess [blog] (ETA: August to September 2022)
A/P Sweet Devil [blog] (ETA: End of June ~ Beginning of July 2022)
Kumya's Fluff [blog] (ETA: Late August to September 2022)


The following series are currently being prepared for shipment from Japan. Shipments from Japan can take up to two weeks to arrive due to supply chain issues and customs processing.


The following series are currently in production. Please see individual reservation series for more information regarding release dates.

【2nd release】BABY Classical series/Babydoll Jumperskirt [blog] (ETA: July to September 2022)

【Build-to-Order】Mariée de Kumya♥~Cœur scintillant~ [blog] (ETA: October ~ November 2022)

Build-to-Order】Mille-feuille Royal pour la Princesse [blog] (ETA: October ~ November 2022)

【2nd release】Strawberry Charlotte [blog] (ETA: September to October 2022)

【2ND RELEASE】Kumya's Floating Sky Tea Party [blog] (ETA: )
Sweet Best Wishes 2022 [blog] (ETA: Late June to Early July 2022)
【2ND RELEASE】Kumya's Fluff [blog] (ETA: )
【2ND RELEASE】BABY Classical Series - May 2022 [blog] (ETA: )



Current Lottery Reservations: