Special Order

If you see something in stock on the international site (BABY or Pirates) that we do not currently have in stock on our website, you can submit a special order request:

  • STEP 1 Fill out the contact form below with the following information:
    • Your name
    • Your phone number
    • Your shipping address
    • Product number and name for each item 
    • Desired color for each item
  • STEP 2 We will send you an email detailing the items you want, adding up the total (including tax and shipping if applicable). You can still add or remove items at this point, or cancel your order if you change your mind.
  • STEP 3 Reply to our email confirming your order. This constitutes a binding contract and any cancellations past this point will result in a ban from special orders.
  • STEP 4 We will send you an order invoice. Payment is required within 7 days. Please understand that your item may sell out in the meantime.
  • STEP 5 Once we receive your payment, we will place your order.
Please read and understand before placing your order:
      • If the item you want is no longer available on the international website, we cannot request it for you. Please be sure to check for availability by adding items from the site to the shopping cart. If the item cannot be successfully added, it is sold out. Sold out items will have an "×" symbol and cannot be selected (e.g.  or).
      • We cannot accept orders for any of the following items unless otherwise specified:
        • Web-only or web sale items
        • Outlet items
        • Lucky packs
        • Items that are not permitted to be sold overseas
        • Items that are exclusive to selected BABY and A/P stores
      • We do ship parasols/umbrellas. Parasols/umbrellas must be shipped separately from all items (including jewelry, socks, etc). 
      • Full payment is required and is non-refundable. (If the item is out of stock, your payment will be refunded.)
      • Special orders cannot be combined with items that are currently available in our store. Please place a separate order for them. Shipping for such orders also cannot be combined.
      • Shipping will be via Priority Mail with insurance and signature confirmation. We will send a shipping invoice when we receive your items in-store.
      • We will ship anywhere within the United States and Canada only. We apologize, but all other international orders must be placed through the Japanese website.
      • Orders must be paid for by the same person who places the order and the shipping address may not be changed after the order has been placed. Please be sure to provide the correct shipping address when making your order. If your address changes, please let us know immediately.
      • Once you confirm your order, it cannot be changed. Additions will be treated as a new order.
      • Cancellations after confirmation will result in suspension of all reservation and special order privileges.
      • No returns or exchanges will be accepted, except in the case of manufacturer's defect.
      • Delivery time may vary. Your patience, due to the nature of special orders, is appreciated.  Depending on item availability, orders may take 4-8 weeks to be processed. If faster processing is required, please order directly from the Japanese website. Items cannot be sent express to our store from Japan for any reason.