• P16JS205 Tucked Frill Babydoll Jumperskirt

    Alice and the Pirates

  • Colors:
    ☆ Lavender×White×White lace×Lavender ribbon×Gold charm
    ☆ Smoky blue×White×White lace×Blue ribbon×Antique gold charm
    ☆ Bordeaux×Black×Black lace×Bordeaux ribbon×Antique gold charm
    ☆ Black×White×White lace×Black ribbon×Antique gold charm

    [Outer material]
    Burberry: 100% cotton
    [Other places]
    Cotton satin: 100% cotton

    Attachment: about 96 cm
    Bust: approx. 83-98 cm
    Waist: Approx. 66-76 cm
  • $284.00

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