• [RESERVATION] P15CO342 Kitten Short Coat

    Alice and the Pirates

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    ☆ White×White ribbon
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    ☆ Black×Black ribbon

    [Outer material]
    Wool mossa
    Wool 90%、Nylon 10%
    Polyester 100%
    [Other material]
    Polyester 100% Vintage satin : Polyester 100%

    Polyester 100%

    Length: 50 cm ( 19.69 inch )
    Shoulder: 38 cm ( 14.96 inch )
    Bust: 100 cm ( 39.37 inch )
    Waist: 92 cm ( 36.22 inch )
    Length of sleeves: 60 cm ( 23.62 inch )
  • $322.00

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